Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enjoy the Rainbow

I just wasted about 20 minutes of my life in search of the most hideous and annoying blog background. And yes, I think I found it. Just shy of being vomit inducing worthy, this rainbow/floral wallpaper does give Chinese Water Torture a run for it's money. Seriously, aren't you repulsed by now? Don't you want to find a more pleasant looking blog to read? I even think one with miniature Justin Biebers all over the background wouldn't be as abominable as this blog. To all my followers out there (yes, I said "followerS", of which I only recognize one of them) I hope you enjoy the rainbow. I have no clue who you all are and am quite puzzled to why you would be reading the minute ramblings of my very volatile mind. If you came here for parenting advice, you have absolutely come to the WRONG place. If you came here to learn how to make crafts, or perhaps to read really important and sometimes uplifting thoughts on life, or maybe to look at amazing photography... still WRONG place. If you are just plain stalking me, well, comment me your address and I'll send you an autograph. Until I find out who you are, the rainbow stays. Toodles!

1 comment:

Jeni said...

the NJ hit on your feed is just me and Sean....hopefully not too scary. I think Justin Beiber would be worse